The easiest way to guarantee a job teaching English as a EFL or ESL teacher is to get a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification. Doing so will fulfill the requirments of most schools in countries around the world. A TEFL Certification is also sometimes needed for the school to process your visa application.

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For teachers who take to the job very well, there are different areas of teaching English that they're able to advance to once they get teaching experience. These jobs range from course coordinators, head teacher, curriculum director, etc. Some teachers even go on to open their own schools in their country of choice!

Teaching English, TEFL, ESL, TESOL, can be a rewarding one year experience for recent college graduates, especially with the current economic crisis where jobs aren't so easy to come by in your home country. There are guaranteed jobs all over the world for English teachers and their increasing with each passing year. Spending a year abroad after college is also a great opportunity to think more about what career path you'd like to pursue while paying off your loans at home!

Teaching abroad can also turn into a professional career. After a few years of experience, many of our graduates have gone on to pursue Masters in TEFL( Teaching English as a Foreign Language) which has allowed them to teach English at a University level.

The possiblities are endless when it comes to teaching English, EFL, ESl TESOL; the job can become whatever you make of it. Are you ready for a world of experiences?

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