You haven't experienced Flamenco until you have seen it live in Andalusia.

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Can't have an article about Seville without a photo of flamenco dresses!

The land of Flamenco music and dance, bullfighting, endless fiestas, Seville is an authentically Spanish city, and a great TEFL location choice. The city of 700,000 residents prides itself in its majestic UNESCO protected historic town center and powerful architecture. But even more engaging then the photogenic city is the overt sense of genuine Spanish culture which draws tourist, and teachers, who want to experience traditional Spain.

While you are studying at a local TEFL course or teaching ESL, you'll find yourself immersed in a culture unlike any other. Vibrant. Loving, Dynamic. During the day Seville presents streets lined with tapas bars and cafés, at night, you'll find and bars and bustling restaurants. Just wondering through the streets choosing from amongst the amazing local food options is a night out and experience in of itself. Spanish people are very friendly and always eager to learn English. As an English teacher, you'll have a one-up when making local friends and becoming better acquainted with the cultural norms – especially if you're planning on staying in town and teaching.

TEFL in Seville

Seville Football club is one of the noisier, more passionate clubs in Spain

Sports. We all love a competitive game, whether it's of American or European football, basketball, hockey, or baseball. For Sevillanos though, you'll notice that football is part of their identity. You can categorize the locals – men and women, adults and children, upper, middle, and lower class and Seville fans or Real Betis fans. Seville has two football teams in the top division of Spanish football so the passion runs deep. The Seville derby of the red and white clad Seville team against the peppermint green and white Real Betis team is always memorable, but don't worry, this rivalry doesn't have any of the social problems are created in Northern European rivalries.

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Love it or loath it, bull fighting is a big big thing in Seville and the Matadors are worshipped like rock stars

Another local sport, full of history and culture, is bullfighting. You might not think of bullfighting as a sport, but as you sip a cold bear near the bullring you'll get an insiders prospective on this Spanish tradition. You'll see the costumes of those in the ring, and the way the public receives these sporting heroes. It's a whole different type of sport, and one that you'll only get to experience while teaching or studying TEFL in Seville.

Learn Spanish in Seville

Spain is an ideal destination to learn Spanish

Many English speakers come to Seville with the goal of immersing themselves in the Spanish language. Try participating in "inter-cambios," informal language exchanges typically held in a café or a bar where English is spoken for an hour and then Spanish is spoken for an hour. Discipline is needed to avoid straying off to just one language, but even if it turns out to be less linguistically beneficial, an inter-cambio often creates local acquaintances, leads for private English classes, and another dozen or so friends on Facebook.

The lifestyle in Andalusia in the south of Spain is very relaxed and easy-going. Let's face it, with temperatures soaring over 40 degrees in the summer it's hard to be in a rush. You'll probably find, like many locals, you just want to chill until 'mañana'. TEFL students adapt very well to this change of pace, and gain a whole new sense of how important it is to relax. After all, Chilling out is part of the culture of Spain, especially if you're down South.

Seville isn't on the coast itself, but it's close enough that residents often drive out or hop on a train to spend the day on the nearest stretch of beach. For those who want fun in the sun without sand in your hair, there are also a few big water parks nearby. If you want to stretch your wings even further, Portugal, and Cordoba and other worthwhile destinations are just a few hours drive away.

Seville is full of TEFL teaching opportunities, driven mainly by a massive tourism industry. The images of 'traditional Spain, its cathedral and it's proximity to the coast mean tourism won't be drying up any time soon. The locals are constantly interacting with English speaking tourists, and are eager to get a good command of the language. In addition, Seville is a regional capital, so there's plenty of big business and local government installations need ESL teachers and young learner English classes are often offered at neighborhood language academies.

If you're not already qualified as and ESL teacher, Seville has a handful of TEFL Academies where native English speakers can train. Once you are certified, the world is your oyster, you can stay in town or head off into the wilderness to see what other adventures are awaiting you.

So book the flight, book the TEFL course, go live the Spanish experience and afterwards get in touch with us and share your experiences to inspire others. Oh, does anyone know a TEFL course in Seville we could speak to to get more useful information about TEFL in Andalusia? Let us know, we need to collaborate with a local TEFL Academy to get some really good articles for our readers! Hasta luego.....

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