Viva España! Here we have the land of Flamenco, bullfighting, stunning beaches, endless fiestas, bankrupt banks and of course, English teaching. Spain has remained a top TEFL location choices for some time now because of its sunny weather, culture, stunning scenery and continuous fiestas.

TEFL in Spain

So traditionally Spanish, but the sterotype is now confined pretty much to Andalusia and the south.

With Barcelona in the North East having become some what of a Mecca for TEFL courses in the last 10 years, Spain has been the starting point of many an English teachers (ESL, TESOL, CELTA, ESL).

TEFL and English Teaching in Spain

Gaudis Park Guell in Barcelona

Madrid and Seville offer two very contrasting backdrops for TEFL courses and English teaching too. Madrid is more like a busy Northern European city with all of the trappings of a capital where as Seville is more of a relaxed, traditional, Mediterranean town complete with it's bullring, cathedral, orange tree lined streets and horse drawn carriages.

Work Teaching English in Spain

The Royal Palace in Madrid. Yes, Spain has a Royal family

Despite any thoughts of economic woes dampening the cry for English teachers in Spain the trend has gone in the opposite directions with more TEFL academies and schools having popped up in recent years. TEFL courses in Cadiz and Malaga in the South now offer year round sun, the Island of Mallorca is now a starting point for wanna-be teachers and Valencia finally offers a TEFL training course it can call its own. And last, but certainly not least, the historical town of Granada, against the backdrop of the Alhambra, a world heritage site, now has a flag in the sand for TEFL courses too.

Work as an ESL teacher in Spain

Paella, a bit more than just stir-fried rice with stuff, but yes, rice and stuff

Regardless of the location the Spanish have a hunger for learning English which will keep English teachers happily working there for generations to come. With the Spanish already speaking one of the 3 most used languages on the planet, the need for English and Chinese teachers can only grow.

ESL English teaching in Spain

The 'Castellers' from Catalonia are very handy to have around should your kite get stuck in a tree.

It's hard not to notice in the media the fact that Spain's economy isn't as hot as it's climate right now. For someone looking to go to Spain to do a TEFL course that's actually not such bad news. The most noticable difference thing to a resident teacher is that due to the construction bubble bursting, the huge glut of over priced housing has suddenly just crashed accommodation pricing.

Anyone wanting to sell a Spanish property would clearly want to hang on a few years in the hope of prices recovering and renting out the property suddenly makes sense. The effect of this is that more rented property and a more accessible price has become available in recent years. For example in Barcelona where prices shot up in the boom of 5 to 10 years ago, cheap rented accommodation is back in town. As Spaniards try and supplement their income with their spare bedrooms a huge wave of room shares and apartment shares can now be found at ever more competitive prices to complete the range of affordable housing for a visiting TEFL, ESL, TESOL, ESL teacher.

TEFL and English teaching in Spain

There's no reason why one shouldn't be in a relaxed environment whilst preparing for class

And remember it's not all work. As any guidebook will tell you Spain is home to one of the greatest football leagues in the world with a hugely passionate fan base. It's also now a major player in the world of basketball too. It's worth noting that college level players in the USA can find their level of play high enough to discuss professional contract with pro clubs in Spain!

If playing with balls isn't your game then there's all of the usual water sports which can be enjoyed on either the Atlantic coast (better for surfing!) or the Mediterranean. Or there's skiing in the mountains (Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada and more) or just a gentle stroll on the Camino de Santiago.

So book the flight, book the TEFL course, go live the Spanish experience and afterwards get in touch with us and share your experiences to inspire others. Oh, does anyone know a TEFL course in Spain we could speak to to get more useful information about TEFL, TSOL, CELTA, TEFL, ESL in Spain? Let us know, we need to collaborate with a local TEFL Academy to get some really good articles for our readers! Hasta luego.....

TEFL Courses In Spain

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