Thailand is a major destination for backpackers, travelers and English teachers. It's impossible to search online for TEFL courses in Asia without Phuket showing in the results, one place where many an English teacher has begun their career over the last 20 years.

TEFL in Thailand


The constant demand for English teachers, the large amount of TEFL courses on offer and the desire for so many Western backpackers to visit, travel and maybe stay on means that Thailand is always a top TEFL destination.

TEFL in Thailand

Thailand, more amazing beaches than you can shake a stick at

The tsunami of 2004 shook many lives and made people think twice about Thailand before boarding a plane but it's bounced back and continues to be permanently on the TEFL map.

Teaching English in Thailand

Thailand is big on Thai Boxing academies, westerners can cover long term training fees by teaching English

A factor that seems to help Thailand stay as a major backpackers hangout and as a stop of the Asian TEFL circuit is the liberal visa regulations. I'm not claiming to be an expert on international immigration here but it seems that no visa is required to enter Thailand for anyone from anywhere. Americans, Europeans and Australians all claim to have entered Thailand with no visa required and the verbal consensus that staying on to work is "no big deal".

ESL in Thailand

Public transport

We're currently looking to provide more information about teaching English and completing TEFL courses in Thailand but currently have very few contacts out there. We're really putting a big shout out to anyone who has taught there to let us know how it is, contribute an inspiring story or a field report. It really helps out those who have Thailand on their radar fill in a few gaps before deciding whether to book the course and the flight.

Do share what you know as Thailand always has and always will be a major TEFL destination and we have a duty to report it in all it's glory.

TEFL Courses In Thailand

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