At The WorldTEFL Project we are always on the lookout for engaging and unique stories. Alongside the experiences of our resident writers, we want to share yours! Veteran or newbie, chances are you have a valuable story or insight to share. This site is a hub for people just starting out on the path of teaching , standing exactly where you once were! Is there anything you wish you'd known, or have had experiences of (good and bad) that others should look out for? Sharing is caring!

I've got a good story but I'm not a great writer, can I still submit an article?

The important thing in storytelling is the actual experience. Real, raw and relatable!

Even if creative writing isn't your thing, get in touch with us. Our team of top-notch editors are here for that very reason!

Contact us through the form below and we can exchange a few emails or chat over the phone.

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Can I write the article myself?

Of course! If you are already blogging or writing regularly, feel free to submit your article directly through the form below.

If it's what we're looking for we'll agree on a final draft with you and post your story!

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I'm a freelance writer, will I get credited for my work?

Absolutely! We know freelancing is all about accredation and getting your name shared. An article with us will really boost your portfolio, and you can even backlink to your website to improve your SEO. We feature a prominent bio for each of our writers, both guest and regular, at the side of their piece, and will share your articles across our social media channels. You can share too, of course! 

Will I get paid?

No, we don't run a course or a school - and all our content is free. Our site is purely to share information, advice and stories with other TEFLers. Think about is as doing your bit to help a future english teacher find their way!

I work for a TEFL school, can we share an insight in to our courses?

Absolutely! If you have interesting, inspiring and relevant news it is a valuable resource for our readers. You can even post a link to your school. 

Don't have time to write an article but want to be featured? Add your school into our worldwide schools directory to make is easy for qualified teachers to find you and maybe even work for you!

What should my story be about?

This site is all about TEFL and teaching english, so it is a requirement that you have done or are doing TEFL or teaching english. Everything else is flexible!

Most of all we want our articles to help all TEFLers; past, present and future - so your experience is a precious resource. 

The only thing we ask for is 100% genuine and true content - Nothing copied. Feel free to write informally - even include some humour or sarcasm! After all, our audience is thinking on your wavelength. 

Itching to start writing? Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  • How you decided on your particular TEFL country, the pro's and con's of life there, and what you wish you'd known when you started out.

  • Working as an english teacher? Maybe you have tips on finding a job in a particular country, and can share advice for others that are searching.

  • The best cities to teach in, or the worst. Bad experiences can be just as informative as good ones!

  • Did you do a TEFL course but are you now doing something else? How did the qualification and experience get you there?

  • Anything else, aslong as it relates to TEFL or teaching!