The ChristianTEFL Project is an online magazine site run in parallel to The WorldTEFL Project. It is our way of doing some good and helping those who also want to do some good.

Work as a Christian English teacher

Time to give something back?.

TEFL ( Teaching English as a foreign language) can be used to make a real difference. It's a great tool for helping social integration and removing barriers to development. We here at The WorldTEFL Project know we can inspire people to take a TEFL course and become an TEFL, EFL, ESL,  TESOL teacher but what if that person was a Christian or was discovering their Christian values? Couldn't we inspire them to embrase their faith and see where it could take them?

Christians Who Should Do TEFL

One thing we realised very quickly was that so many Christians would like to do more to develop their faith and to share their faith with others, but are actually short on ideas.

One end of our stick is designed for poking such believers and showing them that jumping on the TEFL train can get them a long way in a short time with massive peer support. is designed to be a highly clickable link which can be shared with Christian Ministries and congregations to get straight to those who might just find their calling.

And TEFLers Who Should Work As Christians

The profile of any teacher is one which includes a degree of charity and caring. Dedicating a part of your life to helping others demonstrates good Christian values.

People who have this charitable trait and have ventured off on a life journey, travelling to teach, will usually find a moment when they begin to reflect on their beliefs and values. That would in fact be the prime moment to sign up on an Alpha Course and also an ideal moment to share the company of good Christians who are doing inspiring work.

Although these people may well already be qualified teachers we still see value in The ChristianTEFL Project as a resource for contacts, inspiration and work placements. So the other end of our pointy stick is aimed at introducing the concept of working as an ESL teacher in a Christian environment to existing English teachers to see if this might be their calling.

Inspiring Stories and Testimonies

The heart of the magazine is aimed at gaining an insight into peoples lives who have been teaching English  as a foreign language, TEFL, ESL, TESOl whilst spreading The Word. If you have an inspiring story which you want to share do get in touch.

We Need Introductions To Christian TEFL Courses

We have noticed that Christian TEFL , ESL training facilities are not so easy to find online. We have discovered some church based organisations that run a course a few times a year but information is scarce. We have a few established schools in the South of England flagged but are there more out there? Could this be this be a gap in the market that someone should be filling?

There are many regular TEFL schools out there where the knowledge to be an English Teacher can be gained but we are convinced that dedicated Christian TEFL courses should be easily accessible and that the idea of English Teaching as a ministry should be developed more and published widley. We hope to be able to do our part in that.

To learn about Christian TEFL courses and working as a Christian English teacher abroad, visit The ChristianTEFL Project.