Are you ready to spread your wings and start a new life abroad? Or do you want to embark upon a fresh, invigorating new career path? Whatever your motives, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language) course is the first stepping stone to that long-awaited change.

Our online magazine is filled to the brim with inspiration, information and interviews about learning and  TEFL, ESL, and TESOL around the world. Want to know what teaching English abroad is really like, without the rose tinted glasses? That’s exactly what we’re here for! We publish real experiences from real people - in other words, occasionally revealing the gritty truth about living and teaching abroad as well as the countless good times. We’re not your typical TEFL, ESL, TESOL advertising flyer and we don’t run our own course - we just want to empower our readers to take the TEFL  leap and help them on their way after they graduate. 

  • TEFL Accommodation In Barcelona

    #The huge demand for English teachers in Barcelona, it's warm Spanish climate, endless fiestas, art and culture all combine to attract countless scores of native English speakers on a never ending conveyor belt to do TEFL courses and become ESL teachers. Often, it's possible to buy a package deal: TEFL course + accommodation for the duration of the course. What is TEFL accommodation actually like?
  • Teaching In The Spanish Economic Crisis

    #On Europe's Mediterranean coast the economic crisis still lingers on. From the beautiful Islands of Greece, through Italy, along the Spanish Costas and down to Portugal, there's no escaping news stories and café terrace chatter about "el crisis". What does the economic crash mean for English teachers?
  • New York - A Living History

    #Choose to spend time teaching in New York and a you'll become part of an exclusive club. You'll become a New-Yorker, at least for a short time, as your footprint joins the waves of immigrants who've arrived in this metropolis and defined it over the centuries. After all, all New-Yorkers are descendants of 'foreigners', that's what makes the city such a delightful cultural melting pot.
  • Its Never Too Late For TEFL

    #It's never too late for TEFL! We speak to Judy, who is definitely at the age when most others would be winding down their working lives. Employers are often age-biased in favour of the young, so teaching English can be an excellent choice for those that aren't ready to retire. What's more, teaching gives zest and fresh energy for anyone, young or 'old'!