Are you ready to spread your wings and start a new life abroad? Or do you want to embark upon a fresh, invigorating new career path? Whatever your motives, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language) course is the first stepping stone to that long-awaited change.

Our online magazine is filled to the brim with inspiration, information and interviews about learning and  TEFL, ESL, and TESOL around the world. Want to know what teaching English abroad is really like, without the rose tinted glasses? That’s exactly what we’re here for! We publish real experiences from real people - in other words, occasionally revealing the gritty truth about living and teaching abroad as well as the countless good times. We’re not your typical TEFL, ESL, TESOL advertising flyer and we don’t run our own course - we just want to empower our readers to take the TEFL  leap and help them on their way after they graduate. 

  • Take A Break From The Rat Race

    #Thinking of taking a career break or a sabbatical but don't want to risk making the wrong career moves? Taking time off or filling a gap year by teaching English abroad is a popular choice, and won't hamper your reentry into the world of work afterwards. In fact, it will most likely make you a more enriched and rounded employee!
  • Demand for English Teachers in Spain

    #Due to the economical crash several years earlier, competition for local jobs is fierce. The fastest growing market is in tourism and international startups - and they all have one requirement in common : a high level of English. Especially in the big cities, it just doesn't cut it anymore that a local can't speak at least a medium level of English. As a result, demand for English teachers is booming.
  • Cash-In-Hand, Fixed Salary or Self Employment In Spain?

    #The thought of becoming self employed or "autonomo" in Spain is one that crosses many TEFL teachers' minds at some point, especially those who have taught business classes. The question is, is it worth it? We investigate.
  • Teaching English in a South Korean Hagwon

    #South Korea is one of the most popular destinations for teaching English as a foreign language, especially since it is one of the highest paying countries in Asia if you are an English teacher. There is a big demand for English language skills, and hundreds of Hagwons (private language schools) throughout the country are employing foreign TEFL teachers to cater for this need. Here's what it's like to work in a professional Hagwon.
  • TEFL In Denver, Flights To Korea

    #The TEFL certification was the final step. Tickets were booked, bags were nearly packed, and an elementary teaching position awaited Lindsey in faraway Incheon, South Korea. At that time, she could barely imagine the adventures that lay ahead.
  • Back to Bari, Teaching English In Southern Italy

    #James Clark is a travel writer who in a previous life was an English teacher. He worked at various locations in Italy before later returning to the United Kingdom to continue his studies. We join him in a hypnotic regression session.
  • TEFL Destinations: Seoul or Incheon?

    #Mary is an English teacher from Canada. Having worked on both sides of the public/private divide, and in two of Korea’s most popular teaching destinations, Seoul and it's nearby commercial neighbour Incheon, she shares her experiences in an interview with Lindsey Coulter.
  • It's All About Seoul

    #Ok, cheesy title but we couldn't resist it. Johnathan Last is a time served English teacher who has settled down in Seoul, capital city of South Korea and major destination for a new generation of TEFL teachers. Read his thoughts and observations on life in Seoul.
  • 8 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dream

    # Have you ever thought that there must be something more exciting, more liberating or even just more fun than your present occupation and lifestyle? Do you dream of tropical beaches and a world of new possibilities? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you living the life you dream of living?
  • 15 Practical Budgeting Tips For Living In NYC

    #No matter where you choose to teach, once you've acquired your TEFL certification, your going to want to start working and earning. But the unavoidable reality is in order to make money, you have to spend some first. So the race is on to start earning before that dreaded phonecall ... "Hi - don't tell Dad, but can I borrow $1000?"