Are you ready to spread your wings and start a new life abroad? Or do you want to embark upon a fresh, invigorating new career path? Whatever your motives, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language) course is the first stepping stone to that long-awaited change.

Our online magazine is filled to the brim with inspiration, information and interviews about learning and  TEFL, ESL, and TESOL around the world. Want to know what teaching English abroad is really like, without the rose tinted glasses? That’s exactly what we’re here for! We publish real experiences from real people - in other words, occasionally revealing the gritty truth about living and teaching abroad as well as the countless good times. We’re not your typical TEFL, ESL, TESOL advertising flyer and we don’t run our own course - we just want to empower our readers to take the TEFL  leap and help them on their way after they graduate. 

  • Five Reasons To Teach English in Budapest, Hungary

    #Tucked inside Central Europe, cozying up to the Danube River, the Hungarian capital city of Budapest has been attracting English teachers aplenty since the fall of communism in 1989. It’s a vibrant and contemporary place, with busy restaurants and cafes, striking architecture and lots of live music.
  • As One Door Closes...

    #Jaime, 31, was one of the many casualties of the recession in 2010, when she lost her job in the movie industry in Los Angeles. When she couldn’t find another job, she decided to try a new career: teaching English in South Korea. She now lives and teaches in Seoul, where she’s grown from a shy teacher into a confident public speaker.
  • Spread a Little Sunshine in Thailand

    #Caroline is one of many travellers that fell head over heels in love with Thailand and wanted to stay on longer. She wanted to give back to a country that had given her so much joy, and did this by teaching English in a small community on the border of Thailand and Laos.
  • How to Become an English Teacher in Thailand

    #Thailand...The name alone conjures up the sensation of freedom, tropical nights, mouth-watering street food and breathtaking beaches. Caroline isn't the only English teacher to fall head over heels with this mystical land. Discover how she enjoyed a rewarding teaching career as well as enough free time to explore.
  • Teaching English in Paradise - Florianópolis, Brazil

    #The number of destinations to teach English abroad are endless. Teaching doesn't have to involve an urban lifestyle either- Florianópolis, Brazil, also known as Ilha da Magia or Magic Island is a tropical mecca for surfers and explorers with rolling waves, luscious palmtrees and white sand beaches. This is how to create a life in paradise.
  • Open Your Heart And Soul To Thailand

    #Teaching English enables you to become acquainted with a country and allows you a safe introduction to a new way of life, even if teaching is not your dream career. Find out how one business woman used teaching to embark upon a whole new path in Thailand.
  • Small Is Not Always Beautiful

    #Joanathan deals with ever-decreasing student numbers and ponders giving private tuition in South Korea. It's never quite what you expect when you start teaching abroad; both in a good and bad way!
  • Weird and Wonderful South Korea.

    #Jonathan takes a day off from teaching English to seek our adventure aboard the ominous sounding 'Pleasure Boat' and finds out what happens when you teach without a visa...
  • Lost in Translation in Korea

    #It happens. The language barrier gets the better of you and you think your students might be plotting against you. Teachers often gush lovingly about their cute little kids, but there's a dark (and hilarious) side of teaching in an ESL school.
  • It Takes All Sorts

    #There are eight different types of students you will encounter when teaching abroad in Korea (and beyond), at least according to Jonathan! Here's his inside guide on how to spot them, and some tips on how to get them, to, well, learn some English...