Jonathan waged war with his wanderlust while completing his Masters, so when fully qualified and later employed he decided, finally, to give in and travel the world. Little did he know it would transform his life.

TEFL and English Teaching in El Maresme, Barcelona

From a Ford Fiesta to Manchu Pichu.

"If you do that, you're no longer my son." Could deciding to not continue my education and instead take my chances travelling around Europe really merit such an extreme reaction? I was signed up for a Masters in environmental management. It was a stable path my folks could get behind. Dropping out of University and traipsing off to Greece, they stubbornly insisted, was just not a sensible plan.

Sensible. Truth be told, they had a good point. They kept me focused enough to finish my degree, and I even took a job afterwards. For the first few months it was surprisingly satisfying. But after four years working in my chosen field, the novelty was gone.

I’m naturally optimistic and enjoy the challenge of creating a goal and achieving, but my current career path was not going to lead to lifelong fulfillment. This time sensible wasn't going to win. I needed to travel, and this time, not just to Europe.

TEFL and English Teaching in El Maresme, Barcelona

Jonathan is now settled just a 20 minute train ride from Barcelona city centre.

My boss was generous with his conditions. We worked out an option for my possible return, but the second I left that office, I was transformed. I sold all my worldly possessions for cash to travel the world.

The kicker was when I parted ways with my beloved Ford Fiesta. With the money from the car sale, I bought a round-the-world flight ticket.

Within 12 months I visited 10 countries in 4 continents, met an amazing women who would become my wife, became a certified English teacher, and finally settled in Barcelona, Spain.

Looking back, I don't miss the car! I didn't really know where the adventure would take me when I finally realized I had to start traveling. I knew I needed freedom, I knew I needed wings.

RedBus English School In Premia de Mar, El Maresme, Barcelona

Jonathan Now Drives A Big Red Bus Near Barcelona.

There were many thing that could have held me back. But one thing I can tell you now - until you try, you never know how far you can go.

--Jonathan is the owner of Red Bus in Premia de Mar, Barcelona. He is married to Ursula, who he met whilst traveling in the Andes mountains, and they have one child Antonio. Jonathan can be contacted via his website