Have you ever thought that there must be something more exciting, more liberating or even just more fun than your present occupation and lifestyle? Do you dream of tropical beaches and a world of new possibilities? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you living the life you dream of living?

Teach English in Brazil

Need a change in your life?

My life took an amazing change for the better when I went traveling in Thailand. I felt intuitively connected to this country that I had often wanted to explore.

Though I was an avid reader and seeker of life, spirituality and self-realization, it took a complete change of location and culture to enable me to realise, I was not living a fulfilled life. I was purely existing, going through the necessary motions to survive. I knew instantly I had to change and I knew it was to happen in this country that seemed to resonate with my soul.

I gave myself six months to return there and with the assistance of living in alignment with the newly discovered universal law of attraction, I did just that. I opened the door to a new way of living and being, by returning to Thailand to travel, teach English as a foreign language and fulfil a long held notion of running a little beach bar & restaurant on a tropical island.

If your soul is longing for expression, if your mind wanders to warmer climates and the possibility of dreams come true, then teaching English as second language may be the doorway to a life of unlimited possibilities and experiences to cherish and treasure forever.

If you have thought about turning your life around but have lacked the know-how or courage to do so, follow these pointers to help you move in the direction your heart desires.

1. Fear of the unknown can hold you back from experience a new and better way of life.

Teach English in Brazil

Overcome your fear!

Leaving a relationship or steady job, even if they are not fulfilling, can bring up fear of change. What we focus on, we create, so banish fears and create a vision of how you would like your life to be. Make a vision board of your desired country, type of job and emotions you want to feel.

I did this immediately on my return from my holiday in Thailand with the clear intention of returning there. Against all odds, within six months I set foot in Thailand with a light heart and freedom of spirit. Visualization of what you desire is a truly effective approach when used with a focused awareness on your thought patterns. Are they in alignment with your vision? I banished all thoughts of ‘how the hell will I afford this?’ or ‘what if it all goes wrong’ and refocused each time on the desired end result: living happily, freely and safely in Thailand. It worked! Your vision will inspire creative action and courage towards making your dream come true.

2. Do an honest appraisal of your current living situation.

Identify the payoffs that keeps you in your current position. Become aware of what it truly costs you, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, to maintain the status quo of your life. Once you see that the price is far higher than the payoffs, it becomes easier to make positive changes.

3. Dampen negative self-talk.

We live in a culture that happily promotes guilt, suffering, selflessness and in my view, sheep mentality. Be aware of what beliefs are yours and which are actually the dogmas of others, family, society, religion etc. It is necessary to distinguish your own true beliefs so you can make the necessary steps to change without guilt and suffering. Where are you judging yourself incorrectly? In what area has life or others made you feel you are not good enough or worthy of making the best of your life? Who are you worried about letting down or hurting by making these life changes? These have to be addressed. We are not responsible or able to live anyone else’s life. That is up to them and yours is up to you. Acknowledge your judgments and release them. Know you are capable of change and of dealing with things so that everyone in your life is happy with your decision. I did and they were.

4. Prepare yourself for the change.

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Prepare yourself for what your REALLY want in life.

Ensure you have financial reserves in place should you need it. Seek the support of friends who are committed to your new life changes. Simplify your life. Create a space so you are in alignment with your desired outcome. Apply for jobs before you leave, if  you want the security of that.  I travelled without, knowing I wanted to travel first and decide where I’d go based on how I’d feel. This worked for me. There is an abundance of teaching positions available. My cousin went to Indonesia recently to a teaching job he organised before leaving home. He returned to do a second year there. Do what suits you. All options are possible.

5. Stop being a victim.

If you are in a situation that you no longer enjoy but complain about. Change it. It is up to you. No one else is responsible for or to blame for the circumstances in which you find yourself. This is liberating, as the other side of that coin is, that no one else is required to change it, but you.  Do not give up your personal power to make positive changes in your life by playing a victim role. If you are unhappy, relish in the fact you have the power  to change it. Then set about changing it. Be the person you want to become, wake up to owning the life you want to live.

6. Sometimes we just got to do it!

Teach English in Brazil

You probably already know, deep down, what you want. You just have to have the courage to admit it!

Forget the what, if’s and maybes, the buts and possible downfalls. If we do not try, we will never know what awaits us.  I have never regretted it. It opens up a new world, full of possibilities and new experiences. Isn’t that what life is for?

I am prone to over analysing at times and it’s proved to be such a defeatist action. It paralysis me into the land of limbo, unsure of which way to turn, do I stay or do I go now? End it. Trust your gut instinct that we are all born with. Ask yourself the question you require an answer to, sit, and wait, your answer will come. This can happen instantly or take a bit of practice if like I was; conditioned to live from the mind. Banish thinking and start feeling, from a place of knowing. Wisdom comes from being in motion with your desires. Live life!

7. Adapt your view on what failure means.

Imagine the worst-case scenario and ask yourself can you live with that? If it does happen, what can you do to change direction? There is always somewhere new to turn, there is always a way out of so-called disasters. Remove the perception of failure in your mind. It is a stepping-stone to discovery. It is a sign you are living, of experiencing, of being anything other than stalemate.  See failure as a signpost from the universe that’s providing warm feedback for your next move, step sideways, change your view, pick a new route etc.  Don’t let failure hold you back, take flight and flourish.

8. Access your true self.

Be aware of what makes you tick, what stories, you hear or read that resonate with you. I was on a course with a girl who had been around the world. I was enthralled, I knew I’d always wanted to travel more and said so. She asked why I wasn’t doing it so. I replied, ‘house, job, boyfriend, car’ feeling resigned to my current choices. She asked what would I be doing if I had six months to live. I was gobsmacked and that doesn’t happen often.  I realised I would not be living any aspect of my life if I had six months to live.

I took time off work, which I realised I should leave shortly after my return,  ended my four year relationship, borrowed money to set off on a voyage of discovery with this near stranger, now one of my most valued friends, a decade later. She asked the right question that I needed to hear that awakened me to a way of living that I yearned for but didn’t think was possible for some reason.  A few years later, she incidentally introduced me to the law of attraction, which subsequently led me to live in Thailand. You know what you want to do, its innate in you..