Are you ready to spread your wings and start a new life abroad? Or do you want to embark upon a fresh, invigorating new career path? Whatever your motives, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language) course is the first stepping stone to that long-awaited change.

Our online magazine is filled to the brim with inspiration, information and interviews about learning and  TEFL, ESL, and TESOL around the world. Want to know what teaching English abroad is really like, without the rose tinted glasses? That’s exactly what we’re here for! We publish real experiences from real people - in other words, occasionally revealing the gritty truth about living and teaching abroad as well as the countless good times. We’re not your typical TEFL, ESL, TESOL advertising flyer and we don’t run our own course - we just want to empower our readers to take the TEFL  leap and help them on their way after they graduate. 

  • Teaching English in Spanish State Schools

    #Working as an English teacher in the state schools system of a foreign country is the holy grail to many ESL and language teachers. What does it take to get into the system, and what are the benefits? Here's what you should know...
  • Choosing Where to Teach : For Love or Money?

    #After getting qualified, the next big question is WHERE should you go to teach? What if you were faced with the choice between Europe and Asia as teaching destinations? Our guest writer Jessica recounts her teaching experiences in Barcelona (Spain) and Seoul (Korea), two popular destinations at opposite ends of the culture spectrum.
  • How To Find Accommodation in Barcelona

    #Making the right or wrong choice of accommodation can make or break your stay anywhere. So how do you know where to live in Barcelona if you're a newbie in town? We share our experiences and advice of hunting down a place to live in this colourful cosmopolitan city.
  • Beyond Barcelona - Beach and Teach in El Maresme

    #Just a 20 minute commute from downtown Barcelona lies 'El Maresme', uncharted territory for most TEFL graduates. With a lower density of ESL teachers per square mile, more beaches and less tourists, the employment opportunities are really worth checking out.
  • How I Sold My Car And Traveled The World

    #Jonathan waged war with his wanderlust while completing his Masters, so when fully qualified and later employed he decided, finally, to give in and travel the world. Little did he know it would transform his life.
  • Teaching Private Classes in Florianópolis, Brazil

    #A lot of people plan and prepare for their long-held dream of teaching abroad, but others just kind of fall into it. Heather Morrison, a resident of New Hampshire, USA, became one of those 'unexpected' English teachers. In our interview with her, she shares her experiences and advice for those thinking about teaching English abroad.
  • FC Barcelona, More Than Just A Club

    #Barcelona, the capital of fiercely pro-independence Catalonia, is home to the world renowned "Football Club Barcelona". Flying the flag for Catalan independence the fans of this cultural institution often give the feeling that the Spanish Civil War is still being fought, at least for 90 minutes, when Real Madrid come to visit. FC Barcelona is more than just a club. Barcelona based sports writer Tim Hanlon explains.
  • How to make a Russian Laugh Teaching in Moscow

    #Judith traveled the world as an English teacher for seven years including a stint teaching business English in Russia. She recalls her time in Moscow and answers some commonly asked questions about teaching in a wholly different culture.
  • Prato; Florence Without the Crowds

    #Florence has always been a top destination for TEFL teachers with an interest in the Renaissance and fine art. Just a short journey away by rail is the quieter town of Prato, not as well known as Florence, but with better paid teaching positions and a less saturated job market. And, you have Florence within reach to explore at weekends!
  • Teaching in Ecuador, Land of the Cloud Forests

    #Judith from Scotland worked as an English teacher for seven years, including a 3 year spell in Ecuador, inspired by its cloud forests and charming people. Here she shares her experiences teaching and living in Quito.