You have just entered The World TEFL Project Magazine. Welcome. We aim to be the type of place can come and sit, slippers on, tea in hand, and read interesting, non-biased articles about this adventure called TEFL (Teaching English in a Foreign Language) you are thinking about or set to embark upon.

TEFL stories

We've all got a story in us that others want to hear. Everything about Teaching English as a Foreign/ Second Language abroad.

Here at World-TEFL, we don’t think you need to see endless photo-shopped students "just like you" enjoying teaching in China. You don't need to scroll through a million adverts to find an article on what its like to take a course in Barcelona - only to realize halfway through that its copy-paste from Wikitravel. You definitely don’t need to scroll through blurb after blurb from students whose ‘lives were changed and were deeply enriched’ from their teaching experience.

Here, we aim to do things differently. We are not a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) program, school, or reselling site. You're not going to find a place to ‘click here to book your six week course’. Instead, you’ll find real people talking about real life experiences you just might come across.

You’ll read about what its like to work as a teacher and be unsure if your student is calling you a local swear word. Because yeah, that really does happen. Or how you’ll likely want to work on your singing voice a bit before heading to South Korea because karaoke is something like a national sport there. Need tips on how to save money while taking a course? Check out the budgeting tips from readers just like you. And if you're wondering about how these hard economic times affect the hiring of TEFL, ESL, TESOl teachers, you’ll find news on that too.

How does no selling, no pushing and no biases sound - pretty good huh. Just cool information about the unique worlds you're about to explore. Its the real life, real work, real fun part of TEFL, EFL, ESL, TESOL and we want to give you a glimpse into it.


* We do not run any training courses. If we had a course, we’d have to push our course, and frankly, a pushy, sell-y place is not the kind of place anyone wants to hang out. So you won’t find that here. If you want to book a course in a specific location, we can give you links and information on programs, and you can speak with them directly.

* We don’t recommend any one course over another. Again, that would make us biased and take away from the authentic nature of our magazine. You're here to read about highs and lows, struggles and triumphs, reality and ignorance. Real people and real voices. And then take that information wherever you choose.

* You will find that once you start reading about all the different perspectives, adventures, and experiences people in the world of TEFL, ESL, EFL, TESOL are having, you might just get a bit addicted. Our apologies in advance.

* Have an idea for a great article or experience of your own you’d like to share. Pop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

NOTE: As mentioned above we are The WorldTEFL Project, we are not associated in any way with the World TEFL Association (WTA) who are providers of TEFL courses. If you were looking for the WTA, please click here.