Welcome to The WorldTEFL Project. We're here to be the who, what, where, when and why of TEFL, ESl, TESOL, and English teaching in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. An online magazine with reviews, stories, location reports and resources for English teachers and TEFL/ESL trainees alike. As you will see we're still working on the site, the layout, graphics and most importantly the content. We're almost live, not long to go now...

We have lots stories about people who took the leap, choose to take a TEFL course, and then headed out into the wild to teach English. Some stayed for weeks or months whilst on a gap year or sabbatical. Others took a one way ticket and traveled the world, creating a new life for themselves. The TEFL journey is a dynamic one, and your about to get your first taste through the stories in our online magazine.

We will also be looking at issues that effect English teachers (TEFL, ESL, TESOL) abroad, such as Brexit. Thousands of Brit's every year head to continental Europe to teach English, the majority heading to Italy and Spain but with the Czech Republic being a popular. Having an EU passport made this really easy, now with the count down to Brexit, what will happen?

We are also about to launch our TEFL Employment website, connecting schools, language academies and learning institutions with TEFL graduates and TEFL, ESL TESOL professionals. Keep an eye out for updates!

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    • What's New?

      Everything is new right now. We are featuring Barcelona as a TEFL course and English teaching destination, and have a host of funny, incredible, and enlightening articles about experiences in the TEFL world shared by readers just like you who had that spark of inspiration to get up and go.

    • What's the WorldTEFL Project All About?

      Here at World-TEFL, we don�t think you need to see endless photo-shopped students "just like you." You don't need articles on what its like to travel in Barcelona - only to realize halfway through that it's copy-paste from WikiTravel. You definitely don�t need to scroll through countless one line blurbs about the joys of the TEFL experience. Our TEFL magazine is about real people talking about real life adventures and sharing quality information you won't find anywhere else.

    • TEFL in Spain

      Cheap flights from the UK, warm climate (and beaches!), culture, history, a cheaper cos of living and plenty of Spaniards who need to learn English to increase their job prospects. Its the perfect storm, creating a mega destination for the TEFL community. TEFL courses, ESL schools, and a whole TEFL subculture awaits you.

    • About the WorldTEFL Project

      Just For The Record

      We've already had many people asking which TEFL courses we're selling or which TEFL school this site belongs to. The answer is none and none. We're totally independent, we don't run courses, we don't sell courses, and we have no partners, owners or family members who run TEFL schools. We're a dynamic online TEFL magazine giving you cool information about the unique worlds you're about to explore. Its the real life, real work, real fun part of TEFL.

    • TEFL Courses & Teaching English in Paris, France

      Coming Soon...Paris, France

      In depth articles and analysis on TEFL in Paris and France are on just around the corner. While we're dreaming about a "strictly business" trip to Paris for a few nights so we can get an adequate handle on the TEFL scene there, you can give us a hand. If you have experience, stories, gossip, or recommendations about TEFL in France, please do let us know!

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      Looking To Work In An ESL School?

      Your fully trained, thoroughly pumped, and ready to start teaching. Now you have to find a ESL school. We're in the process of compiling a comprehensive list all the ESL schools world-wide. No guarantee that they're all going to be hiring, but hey, its a good place to start.

    • TEFL acronyms

      What's With The Acronyms? TEFL, ESL, CELTA, DELTA, TESOL, etc.

      Yep, it's confusing. With all the different Acronyms and course options, you never know exactly what is being featured or talked about. Ok, lets break it down. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Its a popular gig for gap year students, sabbaticals revellers, and those running away to join the circus. Read on for the complete survival guide to understanding the TEFL lingo.

    • My To Do List For 2016:

      1. Do A TEFL Course
      2. Start To Teach English
      3. Travel The World!