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The WorldTEFL Project is building up a database of all of the English Academies, ESL schools and EFL centres it can find. But why?

Well we know it's something that all English teachers like to have available when looking for work and employment as a ESL teacher. Sending out CV's and job hunting suddenly becomes a lot easier if all of the information is in one place, rather than spending all day searching online.

In addition, once you're working in a location, especially when it's far from home, it's always good to know where other ESL teachers are in town for networking and socialising.

ESL Schools in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

No Schools found.

Finding Work as an English Teacher

People want to learn English and you want to teach it. That's a fantastic starting point!

So where do you want to teach? Which continent or country? Inspiration is a personal thing but even as far afield as frosty Siberia there is still work for TEFL teachers. Most tend to go for warmer and more cultured destinations (sorry Siberia!) but the point is that the work prospects are always there.

The TEFL school from where you graduated will have left you all briefed on application etiquette and with a pile of CVs tailored to suit a Director of Studies reading tastes. So where ever you pop your pin in the WorldTEFL map, chances are you are already mentally prepared.

Unless they are there already, most people looking for work as an English teacher would plan ahead and send off at least a few CVs or speculative mails ahead. Others will carpet bomb every language academy within a 5 mile radius of their ideal location with CVs, emails and telephone calls. Some will just chance it and turn up in town applying some wit and initiative to kick off their job search.

What we aim to provide here is a directory of contact details for English schools so that you can send your off CVs, emails and carrier pigeons in advance or so that the door-knocker know where to find the doors to knock.

Whilst the assumption is that an English school will have a dependency up on English teachers, there is of course no way of gauging demand ahead of your contact which is why trying to contact other ex-pats and English teachers in town can become a shrewd move.

We hope that our efforts in gathering all of these contact details helps someone out and remember to try and put back in, if you find a school we don't have listed or we need to update some info, pop us a note on the form below.

Good luck with the job hunting!

Do You Want To Add Your English School?

We know that as more of the world wants to learn English we will see new English schools opening every day in new locations. If you would like to add any schools just let us know using the form below. Thanks for contributing!

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