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The Barcelona TEFL Magazine is Here
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The Barcelona TEFL Magazine is Here!

As a new year dawns we all start to plan and dream about what lies ahead, what opportunities might be presented to us and what luck we should create for ourselves. The Christmas break and the new year always generate a mass of interest in TEFL courses as people surf around looking for a springboard to a new career or a new adventure in the year ahead.

Here at The WorldTEFL Magazine we will be trying our best to get people educated on how doing a TEFL course and becoming a English teacher is a very credible way to reinvent their lives or at least get some valuable life experience. We will be adding more depth to our coverage of TEFL in Spain and running new articles about TEFL in Paris, France, looking at teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic and looking a bit more at the TEFL courses in 'the big apple', New York.

The WorldTEFL magazine will help you get inspired, stay inspired, and gain access to all the tools you'll need. From locations, to booking a TEFL training course, to been-there-done-that guidance from TEFL grads, you’ll find it all here.

Happy New Year!




What's New?

Everything is new right now. We are featuring Barcelona as a TEFL course and English teaching destination, and have a host of funny, incredible, and enlightening articles about experiences in the TEFL world shared by readers just like you who had that spark of inspiration to get up and go.

Check out our TEFL News & Articles section here.


What's the WorldTEFL Project All About?

Here at World-TEFL, we don’t think you need to see endless photo-shopped students "just like you." You don't need articles on what its like to travel in Barcelona - only to realize halfway through that it's copy-paste from WikiTravel. You definitely don’t need to scroll through countless one line blurbs about the joys of the TEFL experience. Our TEFL magazine is about real people talking about real life adventures and sharing quality information you won't find anywhere else.

We're here to share real stories about English teaching that are worth a read.


A day (Or Week, Or Month) In The Life Of A TEFL Teacher

Tefl Gap Year

Daddy, what did YOU do in your gap year?

You got it. Lots of personal stories about people who took the leap, choose to take a TEFL course, and then head out into the wild to teach English. Some stayed for weeks or months, some fell in love (literally and figuratively!) and became TEFL course teachers or founded schools of there own. Some traveled the world, learning about different cultures, sampling local beers, and bringing smiles to peoples faces as they went along, while others some were just too overwhelmed by not knowing if those cute little kids are actually swearing at them in Korean. The TEFL journey is a dynamic one, and your about to get your first taste.

Read our interviews with veteran TEFL teachers here.


ESL and TEFL in Spain

Cheap flights from the UK, warm climate (and beaches!), culture, history, a cheaper cos of living and plenty of Spaniards who need to learn English to increase their job prospects. Its the perfect storm, creating a mega destination for the TEFL community. TEFL courses, ESL schools, and a whole TEFL subculture awaits you.

Click away to see if Spain is the TEFL destination for you!


My To Do List For 2014:

1. Do A TEFL Course
2. Start To Teach English
3. Travel The World!


Just For The Record

We've already had many people asking which TEFL courses we're selling or which TEFL school this site belongs to. The answer is none and none. We're totally independent, we don't run courses, we don't sell courses, and we have no partners, owners or family members who run TEFL schools. We're a dynamic online TEFL magazine giving you cool information about the unique worlds you're about to explore. Its the real life, real work, real fun part of TEFL.


Coming Soon...Paris, France

In depth articles and analysis on TEFL in Paris and France are on just around the corner. While we're dreaming about a "strictly business" trip to Paris for a few nights so we can get an adequate handle on the TEFL scene there, you can give us a hand. If you have experience, stories, gossip, or recommendations about TEFL in France, please do let us know!

Allez France!

Looking To Work In An ESL School?

Your fully trained, thoroughly pumped, and ready to start teaching. Now you have to find a ESL school. We're in the process of compiling a comprehensive list all the ESL schools world-wide. No guarantee that they're all going to be hiring, but hey, its a good place to start.

Click here to search for ESL schools.


What's With The Acronyms? TEFL, ESL, CELTA, DELTA, TESOL, etc.

Yep, it's confusing. With all the different Acronyms and course options, you never know exactly what is being featured or talked about. Ok, lets break it down. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Its a popular gig for gap year students, sabbaticals revelers, and those running away to join the circus. Read on for the complete survival guide to understanding the TEFL lingo.

Click here for the TEFL 1-0-1.


Focus On Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is without a doubt the Mecca for TEFL courses and ESL teaching, and we are exited to give you the very best understanding of every aspect of your TEFL journey there. We'll give you every angle, from finding work, TEFL courses, TEFL accommodation, a crash course in Barcelona football and more, all from teachers and TEFLers who are there.

Click here to get the inside story on Barcelona.


¡Hola! Its Time To Learn Spanish

Why would someone jump on a plane under the guise of an English teacher and head to a Spanish speaking country? It might be to finally learn to speak Spanish. Spending time immersed in the language and culture of Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, or any of the numerous other Spanish speaking countries is a sure fire way to improve your Spanish.

How To Actually Learn Spanish and Not Just Pretend.


What's In The Pipeline?

We've got lots more articles, reviews and field reports in the works right now. Prague, Paris and NYC will all be featured in the near future, mainly because we can't wait to jet-set off to these lovely TEFL destinations.


Have The Time Of Your Life While Making A Difference

For millions of people, when you walk into a classroom to and begin to teach English, you are literally opening up worlds of opportunity they never dreamt possible.

The WorldTEFL Project is the proud sponsor of The ChristianTEFL Project which aims to inspire people to teach English with a special focus on uplifting and caring for those they teach. Even if you're not a Christian it's quite acceptable to use the network of missions, NGOs and charities to find the place where you can do some good and help others.

Click here to make a difference..


Can I Sign Up To Do Your TEFL Course?

Sorry, your not going to find any place to sign up and do our TEFL course. That's because we don't run TEFL courses (and we don't pretend to either.) We're just here to talk TEFL. What you might find are links to schools or programs we've mentioned, and that way, if someone or something strikes you as interesting, if you with you can speak with them directly.


We Need YOU!

We're looking to speak to teachers, both fresh on the job or longer of tooth, to hear your perspective and experiences teaching English around the world. You can send us your story, or we can set up a time to do a quick interview and you can leave the article writing up to us.

Click here to start the ball rolling and share your TEFL experiences.



By Our Editor, Liz Hammel

Liz Hammel from The WorldTEFL Project Liz studied and worked in journalism for 8 years before taking a break to teach in an ESL school. During her teaching career, she was able to gain a broader world prospective, breathe fresh air, and develop and new sense of optimism through the joy of giving back.

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